Compartment 0.2.0

Node.js Module

Some sort of dependency graph, component manager, and package builder.

Decoda 6.5.2

PHP Lightweight Markup Parser

Decoda is a lightweight lexical string parser for BBCode styled markup.

Transit 1.5.1

PHP File Uploader

A lightweight file uploader that also provides extended support for file validation, file transformation and file transportation.

Admin 1.3.3


The Admin plugin provides an easy to use interface for managing all aspects of an application.

AjaxHandler 2.0.0


The Ajax Handler is a CakePHP Component that processes and handles AJAX requests. It determines what action should be dealt as an AJAX call, applies the appropriate filters, prepares the data for a response and responds with the appropriate headers.

AutoLogin 3.6.0


A CakePHP Component that will automatically login the Auth session for a duration if the user requested to (saves data to cookies).

CacheKill 2.0.0


A CakePHP shell that can delete a single item or all items within a cache configuration.

Compression 3.0.0


Compression is a light weight class that will load a CSS stylesheet, bind and translate given variables, compress and remove white space and cache the output for future use.

Databasic 3.0.0


A basic wrapper class for the MySQL database engine. Contains methods for connecting to a database, fetching and returning results, building insert and update queries, optimization and more.

Feeds 3.0.1


A CakePHP Component that will take a list of feeds and aggregate them into a single array based on their timestamp.

Formation 4.0.0


Formation is a lightweight class that can build all necesssary elements for a form, process the posted data (post, get, request), validate the data based on a schema and finally return a cleaned result.

Forum 5.0.5


The Forum is a CakePHP plugin based on the popular bulletin board system. Bundled with all basic features, simply drop into your application.

Gears 4.0.0


A PHP class that loads template files, binds variables to a single file or globally without the need for custom placeholders/variables, allows for parent-child hierarchy and parses the template structure.

Numword 2.0.0


A small script that can convert a number to its word equivalent. Can work with single numbers, multiple numbers, currency and within text blocks.

RedirectRoute 2.0.0


A basic route class that handles HTTP redirects for legacy URLs.

Resession 3.0.0


A small lightweight script that can manage and manipulate Session data.

SpamBlocker 2.1.0


Spam Blocker is a CakePHP Behavior that automatically before after a comment is made. Each comment is tested upon a point system to determine if it should be approved, set to pending (high points), or marked as spam / deleted (low points).

Statsburner 3.1.0


This PHP class is a wrapper for the Feedburner Awareness API. It grabs your circulation hits, views, stats and averages over a given period of time. Can be customized to grab data from certain dates, date ranges and discrete dates.

TypeConverter 2.0.0


A class that handles the detection and conversion of certain resource formats / content types into other formats.

Uploader 4.5.4


A CakePHP plugin that will validate and upload files through the model layer. Provides support for image transformation and remote storage transportation.

Utility 1.6.10


A collection of CakePHP utility components, behaviors, datasources, models, helpers and more all packaged into a single plugin.