Changelogs: Decoda v3.3

A new version of Decoda has been released, version 3.3. Please download the new tag or view the documentation. If you have any questions, be sure to send me an email or comment on this post. If you run into any problems, be sure to report an issue on the Github repository.

Version: 3.3
Tested On: PHP 5.3
Requires: PHP 5.2
Commit Hash: 710b972a367d908a33d198134417a30ef418b54b

  • Added DecodaFilter::setupHooks() to allow filters to initialize hook dependencies
  • Added DecodaHook::setupFilters() to allow hooks to initialize filter dependencies
  • Added CodeHook (CodeFilter dependency) that stops emoticons from being processed in code blocks [Issue #9]
  • Check for class or interface during autoload [Issue #10]
  • Made HTML escaping a boolean setting [Issue #11]
  • Switched CensorHook::afterParse() to beforeParse()

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